Steritec Automation Sterilizer Control System - The Paradigm of Next Gen Sterilization
Steritec Automation

About Steritec Automation

Charles Jenkins (Owner/President - Steritec, Inc., Founder - Steritec Automation) with 40+ years of experience in the sciences of microbiology and medical device sterilization, has been integral in the development of innovative sterilization process approaches that have influenced the field of medical device sterilization, including:

  • Being in the forefront of shortening long EO dwell exposure times in cycles, to trimming excessive EO milligram/liter concentrations during the cycle exposure phases

  • Installing and fine tuning the first industrial 12/88 EO reclamation system in the field of sterilization

  • Developing and implementing the concept of "All in One Sterilization Processing", performing product preconditioning, sterilization and aeration (degassing) in the same vessel

Over the years, Steritec, Inc. has employed basically every sterilizer control system from analog to digital in the sterilization of medical devices - all of which have required some degree of augmentation to satisfy our increasing demands for flexibility, accuracy, reliability, and repeatability.

Seeing that our and the sterilization industry's needs at large were not being met, Steritec, Inc. embarked on the quest of developing the SA™ Sterilizer Control System - a control system that would meet our exacting standards and bring to bear the most advanced utilization of today's cutting-edge electronic componentry, user-friendly concise programmability, control/monitoring across multiple platforms, and server scalability from one to multiply sterilizers.

After a massive developmental process and subsequent approval process (IQ/OQ/PQ) by our notified body (DEKRA) for use here at Steritec, Inc., we are very pleased to report that the SA™ Sterilizer Control System has exceeded our highest expectations; giving us the concise control, reliability and repeatability we require.


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